How to solve the “failed to open gtk.png” problem

July 21st, 2010 Homer No comments

Dear all,

If you encounter the error:
Failed to open file '/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ailurus/icons/appicons/gtk.png': Permission denied

Please run the command:

chmod a+r /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ailurus/icons/appicons/gtk.png

This problem is also fixed in Ailurus 10.07.3.

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Please upgrade ailurus to 10.07.3, to solve FetchFailedException and AssertionError

July 21st, 2010 Homer No comments

Dear all,

The source code in Ailurus 10.06 is not written very well. You may encounter “FetchFailedException” and “AssertionError” if any software fails to install. For example,

DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Python.apt.cache.FetchFailedException

if obj.sane: assert obj.cache_installed

I am very sorry. Please upgrade Ailurus to version 10.07.3 or higher. The problems are solved there.

I would like to thank Mr. Federico Vera. He proposed valuable suggestion about how to improve the source code.

Best regards,
Homer Xing

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Software installation problem. Please upgrade to version 10.06.91

June 29th, 2010 Homer No comments

Recently Ailurus developers received more than 55 bug reports. All of the reports is about the same bug: Ailurus tried to install some software but failed.

Finally the reason is found. It is because a global lock is holding by other process. Then the developers did some improvement. I hope this problem will not happen again.

Please upgrade to version 10.06.91. Sorry for the inconvenience which the bug brought to you.

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Shortcut icon is missing! Please upgrade to version 10.06.8 or higher.

June 23rd, 2010 Homer No comments

Dear all,

If you install Ailurus 10.06.6, then the shortcut icon is missing. Because there is an error in the source code. Now this error is solved. Please upgrade to version 10.06.8 or higher.

You can download it from


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Add a feature to recover font configuration

June 18th, 2010 Homer No comments

Hi, all,

Ailurus tried to fix Flash font error, by changing /etc/fonts/conf.d/49-sansserif.conf.

However, some users point out that font in other applications are also affected. To fix this problem, a new feature “recover font configuration” is added in “Computer doctor” pane. This feature is in version 10.06.5, which will be released in one week.

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Would you please help translate Ailurus?

June 18th, 2010 Homer No comments

Dear all, a lot of software items has been added in Ailurus. The source code also changed significantly. Therefore many strings are waiting to be translated. Would you please do a favor? Please help translate on

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Fatal error! Please upgrade Ailurus to 10.06.1

June 16th, 2010 Homer 1 comment

Dear all,

Recently we found a fatal error in Ailurus. When you select “merge all files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ to /etc/apt/sources.list”, then original content in /etc/apt/sources.list will be missing.

The problem is due to the wrong code order. I have fixed this fatal error. I uploaded a new version 10.06.1 to Launchpad. Please upgrade, to get rid of this error.

I am very sorry for this problem. If there is still error, please contact me without hesitate.

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How to install & launch Songbird

May 31st, 2010 Homer No comments

Dear all,

Recently a lot of people pointed out problems, such that Songbird cannot be installed.

Here is a solution:

Download the latest package from

Extract to an arbitrary directory.

Launch Songbird by “LD_BIND_NOW=1 ./songbird”

Don’t forget LD_BIND_NOW=1, otherwise, Songbird cannot work on Ubuntu 10.04 or Fedora 13.



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How to solve “Fewer items found in D-Bus signature” bug?

May 30th, 2010 Homer No comments

Dear all,

If you met this error:

<type 'exceptions.TypeError'> : Fewer items found in D-Bus signature than
in Python arguments

Please restart your computer. Then Ailurus works fine.

The reason is that D-Bus backend API changed from version 10.04 to version 10.05. If Ailurus is just upgraded, then the old D-Bus backend is still running.

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The command for installing extensions is wrong.

May 29th, 2010 Homer No comments

Dear all,

Yesterday, I post a command, which can install extensions for Ailurus. Due to my mistake, this command is wrong, because an HTML file will be downloaded.

The wrong commands are:
wget '' -O ~/.config/ailurus/
wget '' -O ~/.config/ailurus/

The right commands are:
wget '' -O ~/.config/ailurus/
wget '' -O ~/.config/ailurus/

Please run the right commands.

I am very sorry for my mistake.

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